GAT SPORT Essentials Liquid L-Carnitine (32 Servings)

GAT SPORT Essentials Liquid L-Carnitine (32 Servings)


  • Provides muscular energy by burning fat and helps maintain health
  • Supports aerobic energy metabolism during exercise
  • Essential to the process of proper fat metabolism support weight loss, and optimize energy utilization

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GAT SPORT Essentials Liquid L-Carnitine Drink

L-carnitine suggested to improve growth and development, fat-burning, energy and improved resistance to muscle fatigue. It is also great in dieting, as it may help reduce feelings of hunger and weakness. L-carnitine may play a critical metabolic role in promoting healthy body composition, as it helps transport fats to the mitochondria where they are burned for energy. Clinical research has suggested l-carnitine enhances athletic performance and endurance.

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