HF Series AM PM Multivitamin Tablets

HF Series AM PM Multivitamin Tablets


  • Supports growth hormone release
  • Multivitamin PM Nightly Formula ensures proper relaxation and sleep
  • Make your Hard work count
  • A Performance blend of Amino Acids to Support your Muscle Building and Recovery Goals.

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HF Series AM PM Multivitamin Tablets

Multi-Vitamin AM  DAILY FORMULA and Multi-Vitamin PM NIGHTLY FORMULA are unique complex blends providing all necessary vitamins, minerals, and physiologically active ingredients supporting human body functions. The multivitamin capsule consists of two different formulas intended for day (AM) and night (PM) consumption for all active persons and athletes with an increased dietary requirement for crucial nutrients.


  • Day formula that covers daily vitamins and minerals requirements
  • Source of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids
  • Energy Blend increases energy and metabolism


Multi-Vitamin AM DAILY FORMULA delivers optimal doses of vitamins, minerals, zinc, copper, energy-boosting substances, and unsaturated fatty acids. Due to that Multi-Vitamin AM DAILY FORMULA effectively supports body functions even during periods of intense physical activity.

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