Hunter Pharma Black Owl powerful pre workout

Hunter Pharma Black Owl powerful pre workout


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Hunter Pharma Black Owl powerful pre workout 35 Servings

The Hunter Pharma team have been busy looking for ways to improve on already awesome products. They are onto an absolute beauty here, with the reformulated Block Owl, destined to be a new go-to pre-workout when looking to unleash your inner beast.

When it comes to Pre-workouts, what are the top attributes you look for?

  • Explosive Power
  • Maximum Pumps
  • Ultimate Stamina
  • Enhanced focus

Terms that you probably feel are overpromised and sometimes under delivered. Well this ingredient profile brings you quality clinically researched nutrients combined in a top notch stimulant matrix, that were chosen for their powerful performance enhancing benefits, giving you long lasting energy, massive pumps and laser sharp focus ready to tackle any workout or challenge that stands in your way

Free of harsh stimulants and cheap fillers, Block Owl is suitable for beginner’s right up to elite athlete who are looking for a product that will energise your body and mind helping you achieve results.

What are the key benefits you may notice when taking Block Owl?

  • Long lasting energy that helps in many aspects of your performance such as better strength and endurance output
  • May assist to boost power maximising your results in the gym
  • Better pumps supporting growth due to the increased blood flow and nutrients to muscles
  • Support your concentration and stamina helping to win the mental battle and sustain high-volume and high intensity for longer.

What ingredients will I find in Block Owl?

Beta-O (Beta Alanine & Orotic Acid)

Synergistically work to increase endurance, by increasing ATP production, muscle glycogen and muscle carnosine stores. This benefits your muscles ability to perform at a higher level, which ultimately elevates your game and makes you a better athlete.


Great pump inducer that accumulates in various body tissues, encouraging your body to retain water. This results in “hyper-hydration” which is beneficial for hard training individuals – boosting endurance, performance and pumps.

Creatine HCL

By attaching a hydrochloride group to the creatine molecule, absorption has been shown to increase, enhancing phosphocreatine levels which can result in numerous benefits such as boosts in strength, growth, endurance and lead to better gym sessions

Choline Bitartrate

Enhances synthesis as acetylcholine, known for its cognitive boosting properties, helping improve focus and motivation while reducing fatigue. Maintains normal liver function and lipid metabolism

L- Tyrosine

Exerts a positive effect on Neurotransmitters which support mood and help you deal with stress from intense physical effort.


Maintain blood pressure, increases blood flow, natural stimulant and supports brain function.

Natural caffeine (from green tea)

Stimulant on central nervous system supporting focus, energy, reaction times and all-round performance

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