Kevin Levrone Anabolic ISO Whey Protein

Kevin Levrone Anabolic ISO Whey Protein

  • WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 85grams out of 100grams
  • CREATINE MONOHYDRATE 3grams per serving
  • FENUGREEK EXTRACT for protein synthesis
  • TAURINE 1000mg per serving
  • D-ASPARTIC ACID (DAA) 500mg per serving

Kevin Levrone Anabolic ISO Whey Protein

Anabolic Iso Whey by Kevin Levrone is a dietary supplement with a high anabolic effect. It primarily includes a full-value protein that supports the course of anabolic processes and contributes to faster growth of muscle mass. In addition, this product contains creatine, thanks to which your workouts will become much more productive, as well as taurine. This ingredient will give you an energy kick to act even on the worst day. The whole is available in the form of a soluble concentrate in many delicious flavors.


  • Has a positive effect on the increase in muscle mass
  • Supports regenerative processes
  • Helps to increase muscle strength
  • Is a key element to maintaining healthy and durable bones
  • Helps in inhibiting catabolism


Creatine, Others, Whey Protein


Mix 1 scoop of powder (30 g) with 200 ml of water or skimmed milk. Drink before a workout or immediately after the workout.




Bunty, Chocolate


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