MEALO Immunity Boosters Health And Nutritional Drink

MEALO Immunity Boosters Health And Nutritional Drink


  • 20G Protein Contained in each serving of 240ML with 3G Fiber.
  • SOYA & GLUTEN FREE, NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDED SUGAR, LOW CALORIES, HIGH PROTEIN, This product contain protein that provides all the nine essentials amino acids throughout the day to boost immunity system with natural calcium, vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains added flavor (Nature identical flavouring substance Choco Vanilla).
  • MEALO protein drink Improves Strength: It was due to anti-catabolic properties of casein protein that helped the body to minimize the amount of muscle breakdown and thereby optimise overall strength and performance.
  • MEALO Health Drink is an ideal drink for a working employee, students or anyone who is looking to boost energy, metabolism, muscle mass and weight management.
  • High protein and nutrients that support immunity, build strength, and provide energy.

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MEALO Immunity Boosters Health And Nutritional Drink

MEALO sports contains Micellar casein with Palatinose. It keeps you energized during your workout without raising the glycemic index. Micellar casein provides all essential amino acids which prevent muscle breakdown & helps in muscle recovery. Palatinose provides them slow & continuous energy which keeps them active for longer hours encouraging them to work out more. More Benefits Kind to teeth little effect on the blood sugar level (GI: 32) and insulin Control hunger pangs Dietary Fiber keeps the stomach healthy and improves digestion.

Why MEALO Nutritional focus is important for Adults?

Typical Indian is undergoing a nutritional shift, resulting in a diet that is nutritionally deficient in essential vitamins & minerals, has low fiber, low protein and high fat & high sugar. MEALO Nutritional drinks that are rich in nutrients like Protein, Vitamins and Minerals help you to bridge this gap and meet the daily dietary recommendations.

Why MEALO Protein is important?

Protein helps in building immunity, growth and development, maintenance of muscle mass, transport of oxygen, maintaining healthy hair and nails, and is a source of energy. Too little protein in diet may lead to symptoms of weakness, fatigue and poor immunity. Since protein is not stored in the body, it becomes inevitable that it must be consumed daily.

What are the other important nutrients?

Vitamins and Minerals are important micronutrients that are needed for the healthy functioning of the body. MEALO Vitamins and Minerals are helpful in building immunity, bone strength, and functioning of the central nervous system.


Contains high MEALO protein that helps support growth & maintenance of muscle mass.And keep bones strong and help you in being ready for all challenges of everyday life.


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