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Ultimate Nutrition Glutapure (400 Gms)

Ultimate Nutrition Glutapure is an anti-catabolic supplement that helps you maintain your overall muscles. This supplement is formulated containing glutamine, which is naturally found in the body. But due to heavy workouts, the level of glutamine diminishes. This causes muscle breakdown that leads to muscles loss. To maintain your hard-earned muscles you need to supplement your muscles with glutamine. This supplement further enhances the nitrogen balance of your body for optimal muscle building. Additionally, it promotes the proper functioning of the immune system, thus enhancing your body’s natural defence system to fight against various diseases. So, try Ultimate Nutrition Glutapure for your overall muscle development.


Glutamine is an amino acid proven to have numerous health benefits. Glutamine can be found throughout the body, primarily in the brain, GI tract, muscles and liver cells. During strenuous exercise glutamine levels in the muscle and blood are greatly depleted. Supplementing with Glutamine can help restore these levels and provide benefits including increased immunity, enhanced brain function, quicker recovery time (after exercise by lessening muscle soreness), and more energy. Ultimate Nutrition’s Glutamine is a high quality, tasteless powder that mixes easily in the beverage of your choice. A great supplement for bodybuilders, athletes, and active individuals. [POWDER]


L-Glutamine U.S.P.
Contains no starch, wax, preservatives, yeast, artificial colour or flavour.


Take one serving (5 grams / approx. one level teaspoon) mixed within 5 oz. of water or fruit juice two to three times daily. On training days, take one serving immediately after training.

BrandUltimate Nutrition
Size0.88 Lbs
Number of Servings80
Serving Size5 g
GoalMuscle Recovery
Weight1 kg


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