QNT Delicious Whey Protein

QNT Delicious Whey Protein


  • Zero sugar added & low in carbs and fats for calorie conscious
  • Helps to build muscle endurance and muscle recovery during or post workout
  • Contains whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate
  • 47g of whey protein per 2 servings
  • 100% Belgium Product

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QNT Delicious Whey Protein 

Delicious Whey

The DELICIOUS WHEY formula is truly unique. It contains a carefully balanced blend of different high-quality protein sources, namely whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate to optimize your muscular development results. Proteins play an essential role in recovery and muscle development. DELICIOUS WHEY will be your best ally by providing a fast acting and super effective mix of proteins to repair muscle fibers after training.

  • Easily digestible protein as it contains whey protein hydrolysate as an ingredient.
  • Helps to build muscle endurance and muscle recovery during or post workout.
  • Low in fats and carbohydrates which make it extremely suitable for sports people.
  • Rightly called “The Performance Protein” as it promotes muscle endurance and recovery.

Muscle development

Whey protein concentrate contains up to 80% protein with a good amino acid profile and high bio availability, a great feature for your muscle building goals.

European engineered

Whey protein isolate is obtained through a very advanced protein micro and ultra-filtration process. It can contain more than 90% protein which is pure and of better quality

Easy to digest

Whey protein hydrolysate is a protein that has gone through the hydrolysis process. This technique breaks down proteins into smaller chains, called peptides, which allows a much faster and more efficient assimilation.

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